Chobbar 2022 Bollywood Movie Full Review

Jayy Randhawa recently released the movie Chobbar, which was one of the most awaited films in the Punjabi film industry. And when the film finally hits the screens, fans are more than excited to finally watch it. In this Chobbar movie review, you will find out detailed and spoiler-free information about the movie.

Chobbar 2022 Bollywood Movie Full Review

When Chobbar was announced, Jayy promised that it would be a unique romantic thriller and that statement made us even more eager to see the film. And when we finally watch it, we'll let you know if the final product of Chobbar met our expectations or not. Read this review of the movie Chobbar, and you will get a clear idea of the movie's story, performances, songs, dialogue and more.

The Story Of Chobbar Movie

The story of Chobbar revolves around the life of Sabi, played by Jayy Randhawa. The plot of Chobbar follows Sabi's revenge motives entirely. His father died when he was very young. The story is about how he becomes a Chobbar who seeks revenge on the man responsible for his father's death.

Chobbar gives you enough reasons to understand why Jayy Randhawa has become violent and is involved in criminal activities. On his journey, he is accompanied by Chabi (Honey Mattu) and Pari (Drishty Talwar). Fans will also get to enjoy a slow-burning romance between Sabi and Pari. And we are glad that unlike most films, the romance that blossoms in this film feels justified and natural. 

Chobbar Interpretation & Performances

The review of the film Chobbar cannot be completed without mentioning the acting and performances of the actors. The film is led by Jayy Randhawa, and her performance is absolutely phenomenal. Her appearance added charm to her character and her dialogues and expressions were much appreciated.

Another character who stole the show in Chobbar is Chabi, played by Honey Mattu. This man continues to be our favourite as his ability to season the plots of the films is incredible. And honestly, we are yet to get over his intense look in his pretty pink night suit.

Chobbar 2022 Bollywood Movie Review

As far as Drishty Talwar is concerned, she made her acting debut with Chobbar. And for her first project, she did a really good job. She was given good screen space and a spectrum to prove her calibre. She acted well, but she needs to work a bit more on her dialogue expression. We are sure she has a long way to go in the Punjabi film industry.

Apart from these three actors who take centre stage, Chobbar also features incredible actors like Sukhwinder Chahal, Seema Kaushal, Kavi Singh and many more. All the talents have been used to good effect in this action drama. 

Music & Dialogues Of Chobbar Movie

As mentioned earlier, Chobbar is a dramatic film with a lot of action. Therefore, the music played a major role in the overall presentation of the film. This film doesn't have many songs of its own, but it has made room for various popular songs by artists like Sidhu Moosewala and Jayy himself.

But the background music of Chobbar is really worth appreciating, as it has enhanced the atmosphere of the entire film, especially the fight and chase sequences.

Chobbar 2022 Bollywood Movie

As far as the film's dialogue is concerned, the writers have written some really fierce lines. But on the other hand, some of the dialogue seemed clich├ęd and lame.

Chobbar 2022 Writing & Directing Movie

The story of Chobbar is written by Dheeraj Rattan and the film is directed by Maneesh Bhatt. This duo has indeed worked hard to create a unique and very different project. Chobbar is not a usual concept found in most Punjabi films, it is a step forward but with some shortcomings.

The direction of the film is well done and executed. Maneesh Bhatt has amazingly directed the stunt sequences and made the film fully upbeat. But the editor could have tried harder to cut out the unnecessary seconds added to the sequences, as it made the film lose its grip at times.

As far as the writing is concerned, Chobbar's story is good and punchy, but it doesn't focus on the details. In some sequences, logic disappears, but there is not much to be expected from a typical action-drama film. 

Chobbar 2022 Trailer

Chobbar Overall

Overall, Chobbar is a good film for action fans. The film glorifies Sabi's character and is all about him from start to finish. Though Jayy promised that this film would be a romantic thriller of a different kind, the film failed to thrill us. But it did a great job as a typical action-drama film, and we have no more complaints. 

We're sure this review of Chobbar has helped you form an opinion of the film. There are certainly some flaws, but we can't deny that Chobbar has managed to turn into a great action drama for all fans. If you are fascinated by action sequences, stunts, cars and motorbikes, Chobbar has a lot to offer you, and this film is definitely a must-watch for you.

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