Vaathi 2023 Movie Review

Vaathi is an action drama film written and directed by Venky Atluri. The film stars Dhanush, Samuthirakani and Samuyktha Menon in the lead roles. The film is produced by Sithara Entertainments and Fortune Four Cinemas, and distributed by Seven Screen Studios in Tamil Nadu.

Vaathi 2023 Movie Review

Vaathi Story

Vaathi tells the story of Bala Murugan, a school teacher, who finds himself in the midst of a political deal in the education sector. 

At first, Bala Murugan is sent to a government school to teach the children of Sozhavaram. When the children of Sozhavaram outperformed the students in the private schools, Bala was sent away from the village. The rest of Vaathi depicts Bala's efforts to support these children in their education.

Dhanush plays the role of a school teacher with ease and balances the film with his eccentric behavior. It is appreciable that an actor of such stature is open to different roles. Even in this film, he disguises himself as Raavanan and Bharathiar without any inhibitions. 

Vaathi Official Trailer

Samyuktha Menon shines alongside Dhanush despite his weak screen presence. Samuthirakani is busy with his usual model but with different dialogues. The other characters justify their roles.

Yuvaraj's frames lift the highlights of the film and capture the drama without hampering it. GV Prakash's songs strike the right chords in providing the pleasure of the situations, but there are problems with their placement. For most of the film, the background music elevates the mood, while it distracts us at other times. The period settings are enhanced by the art director.

The message contained in the film is a big positive for the film because of its relevance. Most of the scenes are simple and conventional, which broadens the scope of the film to the audience. The romantic angle is short and it is integrated into the plot. 

Vaathi 2023 Movie

This does not loosen the grip of the script. Dhanush, who once again plays the role of an outsider, does wonders for the script: the sequence where he leaves the village touches the audience with its authentic moments.

The film falls into disuse when the script becomes too ambitious in its content. The dialogues are out of place, which reduces the interest of the story. The engagement factor in the first half of the film is considerably lower than in the packed second half. The one-dimensional characters do not help the film's cause. Although the film justifies its Telugu flavor by the geography, it falls short of convincing the audience.

Overall, the film tries to sell its message with conventionally accepted tropes, which succeeds in most cases. The length of the film and the simplicity of the script encourage engagement.

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