The Murder Mystery 2 (2023) Netflix Movie Review

Murder Mystery 2 Review

Murder Mystery 2 Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler have fun with all the clichés of a mystery novel.

The Netflix movie stars Jennifer Aniston as Audrey Spitz, Adam Sandler as Nick Spitz, Mark Strong as Officer Miller, Adeel Akhtar as Maharajah Vikram, as well as John Kani, Melanie Laurent, Jodie Turner-Smith, Enrique Are, Kuhoo Verma and others. 

This crime comedy is written by James Vanderbilt and directed by Jeremy Garlick. The photography is by Bojan Bazelli.

The movie Murder Mystery 2 Review

The music is by Rupert Gregson-Williams. The film lasts 89 minutes and has English subtitles.

Murder Mystery Official Trailer

Summary of Murder Mystery 2 Movie

After solving a Murder Mystery in the previous game, Nick and Audrey decide to become private investigators. Unfortunately, they struggle to make the most of their new profession and talent. While Audrey follows the rules of the trade to become a perfect investigator, Nick trusts his instincts. That's already a mismatch!

After many failures as private investigators, the duo takes a break and attends the wedding of a rich Indian friend, Vikram, on his private island. Little do they know that Maharaja Vikram will be kidnapped before the wedding. It's Nick and Audrey's turn to shine again with their detective skills.

Murder Mystery 2 Discussion

The movie Murder Mystery 2 is a bundle of craziness, comedy and mistakes (on the part of the main duo). What makes the movie so fun and exciting is how flawed and messed up our detectives are. After the kidnapping, when Nick and Audrey set out to find clues and the truth, they cause even more trouble. Every time they think they've found the answers, someone dies.

The chaos and puzzles become more complicated when the story moves to Paris. This also allows our actors to give their best. Jennifer is indeed a phenomenal actress, and she is breathtaking in the Eiffel Tower scene. 

The movie Murder Mystery 2

The staging of a lavish Indian wedding is very lively. Indians will hear familiar songs from Hindi films. The filmmakers give us a good look at the wedding rituals and waste no time in moving from a fun story to a suspenseful one.

The messy investigation is what makes the Netflix movie so enjoyable. The great thing about these types of comedy movies is that you can predict who the real culprit is. That's what happened with Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. But the problem with Jennifer and Adam's film is that the revelations are underwhelming. Predictability has nothing to do with disappointment. It's the culprit's motive that lacks a better explanation.

What I also liked about this film is how aware the writer and director are of the clichés of such a genre. Audrey and Nick were able to say everything there is to say about the murder mystery in this kind of story. The commentary leaves you breathless.

The Murder Mystery 2 (2023) Netflix Movie Review

Despite its flaws, Murder Mystery 2 is laugh-out-loud funny and a good popcorn flick (even at home). At a time when audiences need light-hearted content, it does the trick. The romantic and comedic chemistry between Jennifer and Adam is amazing. The two comedians are great together and did a great job.

Murder Mystery 2 Final Thoughts

Overall, Murder Mystery 2, despite some flaws, entertains you with all the clichés of a whodunnit. It's not as outstanding as the first installment, but it's not that bad. Jennifer and Adam show promise, and the supporting cast plays their roles well. The cliffhanger ending will leave viewers even more eager to know what happens next.

The Murder Mystery 2  film is currently streaming on Netflix.

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