The Movie "THE UNHEARD 2023" is an extreme sensory overload

Jeffrey A Brown (The Beach House) introduces B7FF 2023 audience to The Unheard

The Unheard movie follows Chloe, a young deaf woman who undergoes experimental treatment to regain her hearing.

While recovering at her family's beach house, auditory hallucinations and family secrets haunt her.

Writers Michael and Shawn Rasmussen explore the impact of sound in everyday life through a series of small-town heartbreaks and mysteries.

The Movie "THE UNHEARD 2023" is an extreme sensory overload.

Disability recognition and accessibility were not topics I focused on until my son was diagnosed with ASD. For the past seven years, I have found myself advocating for attention to neurodiversity and education. 

The Unheard gives audiences a glimpse into life with a disability in a direct and equally creative way. The Rasmussens understood the mission at hand and focused on the issue with a supernatural thriller.

THE UNHEARD 2023 Official Trailer

Brendan Meyer (The Friendship Game) plays Joshua sweetly. He would deserve more screen time. Lachlan Watson (Only The Good Survive) is sensational. They handle the physical and emotional weight like pros, weaving in and out of pain, fear and curiosity at every turn.

The Unheard benefits from meticulous sound editing. The silence places us in Chloe's state of mind. It is initially disturbing, but it draws our attention to every detail. We realize that we are more attentive to every sound. 

"THE UNHEARD 2023" is an extreme sensory overload

The Unheard benefits from clever cinematography, subconsciously creating a claustrophobic environment through tight shots and the eerie quiet of the Cape Cod backwoods. 

It's a slow-burning mystery that puts you through the wringer. BUFF 2023 audiences had a total sensory experience, and Shudder subscribers are in for something unsettling.

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