Perfect Addiction Movie Review: Glossy Yet Superficial Take on Claudia Tan's Popular Novel

Perfect Addiction explores bad boy attraction, relationship toxicity and a touch of softcore erotica aimed at young adults. These elements captivated countless fans when Anna Todd wrote her "After" series on Wattpad, leading to the creation of not one, but four film adaptations, with the fifth installment due out this year. 

Wattpad, an online platform for aspiring writers to write, publish and interact with readers and other writers, has served as the breeding ground for Anna Todd's literary success.

Perfect Addiction Movie Review

Anna Todd is one of the famous Wattpad writers who helped her break through, as is Malaysian-born Claudia Tan, whose novel "Perfect Addiction" published on Wattpad has become one of the most widely read online novels, with a total of 85 million copies. Both "After" and "Perfect Addiction" have thematic similarities, but only to a certain extent, as the latter takes place in the world of underground MMA competitions.

The story focuses on Sienna Lane (Kiana Madeira), an MMA trainer who falls in love with one of the fighters, Jax (Matthew Noszka). They fall madly in love, and even when Jax is in an accident that injures his leg, she devotes her time to helping and supporting him in any way she can. One day, Sienna comes home to find Jax kissing her younger sister, Beth (Bree Winslow).

Torn and devastated, Sienna moves out, only to find herself short on cash and with nowhere to stay but a gym. Luckily, her best friend, Brent (Nicholas Duvernay), introduces her to his adopted brother, Kayden (Ross Butler), who has a reasonably priced room to rent. Sienna and Kayden get off on the wrong foot when they first meet.

Perfect Addiction Movie Official Trailer

But when Sienna discovers that he fought Jax one night in an underground MMA match, she sees an opportunity to not only get back at Jax, but to train Kayden to fight better in exchange for the chance to stay at his house. Of course, things take a familiar turn when Sienna falls in love with Kayden.

Claudia Tan's rise to fame at the age of 17 by writing "Perfect Addiction" and winning Wattpad's "Wattys of the People's Choice" award in 2015 is definitely inspiring. Her popularity didn't stop there as she saw her web novel published in physical form last year and even adapted into a feature film. I wish I could say the same about the film. 

However, Castille Landon's direction suffers from the same unfortunate approach as her last two 'After' adaptations, including 'After We Fell' and 'After Ever Happy'.

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