Pathaan 2023 Shah Rukh Khan Film Review

"Pathaan," directed by Siddharth Anand, promises to be a thrilling experience for fans of Shah Rukh Khan, who returns to the big screen after a hiatus of four years, one month and four days. The film boasts a plethora of high-intensity fight sequences and charismatic performances from excellent actors, making it a fast-paced action thriller. 

Pathaan 2023 Shah Rukh Khan Film Review

With a perfect blend of drama, action, humor and emotion, "Pathaan" is pure, consistent and action packed entertainment that has all the ingredients to become a Bollywood blockbuster and drive King Khan fans crazy.

Brimming with action and panache, "Pathaan" is an outstanding Bollywood blockbuster in every sense of the word. Furiously directed by Siddharth Anand, this fourth installment in the YRF spy universe stars Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham. It's a return to the screen of sorts for the veteran Khan, who, after a four-year hiatus, shows that he still has the grit and charisma to power this fun, fast-paced Hindi action thriller.

Pathaan 2023 Review 

Written by Shridhar Raghavan and Abbas Tyrewala from a story conceived by Anand, "Pathaan" follows a RAW field agent on a mission to arrest a rogue agent who is in serious trouble with his home country. 

It probably bears a striking resemblance to the universe's previous film, 2019's excellent "War." But "Pathaan" has its own twists, turns and angles while capturing the spirit of its predecessor. And the potential it hints at for the future is quite exciting.

Pathaan 2023 Official Trailer 

As in "War," Anand once again travels the world, stopping at eye-catching vistas in India, France, Russia, Afghanistan and Spain, among others. Along with cinematographer Satchith Paulose, Anand uses the locations to imbue us with the size and scope of the story. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they also set the stage for incredible set pieces that are ultimately the bread and butter of the film.

Dangerous revenge games, betrayals, backstabbing and a series of meticulously choreographed and incredibly imaginative action sequences that spill onto the screen almost like poetry follow. There's a car chase and fight scene on top of a truck, a chopper battle, a scene on ice skates and bikes, and another in the snow. 

If you think of an action sequence, chances are Pathaan has one! But there are also songs, dances, drama, emotions and more. One of the strengths of Pathaan is that Anand didn't let it get too preachy, unlike typical patriotic thrillers.

Pathaan 2023 Shah Rukh Khan

Beyond the action and the plot, King Khan's Pathaan has such a magnanimous screen presence that it's hard to blink and not miss a second. John Abraham's Jim and Deepika Padukone's Rubina Mohsin are backed by strong motivations that add interesting intent to the plot. Also, the best part about the secondary characters is that they don't get lost in the scope of the film. 

You'll be cheering and rooting for Abraham and Khan as they fight each other while hanging from a helicopter. And, despite the limited trajectory and space to experiment in her role, Deepika Padukone owns it in her own way. Special mention to Dimple Kapadia and Ashutosh Rana for leaving a mark in the short time they were given.

Incidentally, Pathaan is an extension of YRF's line of spy films after Salman Khan's 'Tiger Zinda Hai' and Hrithik Roshan's 'War'. It is encouraging to see this indigenous universe being built after being familiar with the Western MCU.

Additionally, the characters are partially inspired by the West, and you'll see glimpses of Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark and Scarlett Johanssen's quintessential fighting movies at sporadic intervals. It's almost a tribute to the classics, and it works.

Pathaan 2023 Shah Rukh Khan Film

In addition to being a potpourri of enchanting fight sequences, Pathaan is also full of twists and turns that will leave you breathless. If you think the best surprise comes halfway through, wait for the one in the middle of the credits. Hint: you will be transported to the Karan-Arjun era. Also, this globetrotting film takes you to different parts of the world to accomplish the mission, with a picturesque aesthetic to boot. 

The music deserves a special mention, especially in the first half of the film, as it makes the film's treatment more cosmopolitan and adds to the charm. The visual effects are perfect and the high-tech world of the film is well balanced without overdoing it. 

Also, it's a pleasure to see some of the old "kkkkiran" and "dekho police to nahi hai yahan kyunki tum bomb lag rahi ho" dialogues again. I can't imagine this level of humorous writing working anywhere but with this group of actors and this type of setting. Paying homage to his legacy at times, Shahrukh Khan is definitely more energetic than the film itself. 

If you're an SRK fanatic, you'll also find glimpses of his former romantic self at a few intervals; the intensity in his eyes will remind you of his golden days, and the fight sequence on the train roof will certainly remind you of 'Chaiya Chaiya', but in a much different way of course.

Better described as a spectacle than a simple movie, it can be said that the action takes precedence over the story and there is no real plot. But then again, Pathaan is an idiosyncratic Bollywood masala film that should be taken lightly and is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat until the end. If one wants to be overly critical, one could perhaps say that the last half drags a bit and could have been shortened by 20 minutes. 

But since the pace of the film was such, and it had those glamorous and glorious actors on screen, one wouldn't care too much about the length. Overall, it's a hell of a lot of entertainment and a perfect start to the long weekend ahead.

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