Mr. King 2023 Bollywood Movie Review

Sharan Kumar, grandson of late sri Vijaya Nirmala, makes his debut with Mr.King. The film directed by Sasidhar Chavali will release on February 24, 2023. 

What is behind the film Mr. King 2023 

The makers have been promoting the film extensively and the OTT rights are yet to be finalized. The OTT streaming of the film will be done after its theatrical run ends. Let's find out how Mr. King entertained moviegoers.

Film Mr. King: Artist Review

Sharan Kumar, the grandson of Vijaya Nirmala, has done his best to impress the moviegoers. He looks good in the role of the youngster who is on a mission and follows a different line, unlike other youngsters. 

Mr. King 2023 Bollywood Movie Review

His innocent appearance impresses. However, he still has a lot to do to reach the next level. He needs to work very hard on his body language, expressions, emotions and dialogues. He should know how to make the most of his screen presence.

Yashvika Nishkala has an average physique. She was content with gestures. She failed to enhance the scenes at crucial moments despite her best attempts. Urvi Singh was glamorous and sexy on screen. She played the role of a bubbly young girl to perfection. 

Roshan Reddy as Krishna, a friend of Sharan Kumar, was decent. He sometimes ended up irritating the viewers with his antics.

Murali Sharma played the role of a typical cunning father who goes to great lengths to realize his materialistic ideas. His role did not bring anything new but his experience did create interest. Tanikella Bharani as the teacher had good and powerful dialogues that were thought-provoking and raised the intensity level. 

Vennela Kishore tried to evoke some laughter with her antics but the scenes turned out to be extremely routine. Sunil played the role of a cab driver and didn't get a chance to show his talent. The others played according to their roles.

Mr. King 2023 Movie: Story Review

The story of Mr. King is about a young man who is honest and hates deceiving people in the name of marketing tricks. He despises lies and it all comes down to how he has handled the difficult situations and problems posed by people in his life in this materialistic world. 

Mr. King 2023 Bollywood

Shiva (Sharan Kumar), although he works as an RJ, pursues his passion to make his Vayu project a reality. He meets in his life two young and beautiful girls, Vennela (Urvi Singh) and Uma Devi (Yashvika Nishkala).

The rest of the story tells us what the Vayu project is, if he is able to realize his dream with his technology, how he is related to Professor Bhushan (Tanikella Bharani), Umadevi's father, Seeta Rama Raju (Murali Sharma) and the rest of the story.

Mr. King 2023 Movie Official Trailer

Movie Mr. King : Review of the technicians

The story of Mr. King prepared by Sasidhar Chavali is a triangular love story. He tried to create interest by mixing it with technology and elevating the hero's character with his mission for a pollution free society. While the idea was good, it completely failed in its execution. For decades, 

Tollywood audiences have been treated to triangular love stories. Talking about technology in a triangular love story makes no sense. None of the scenes in the first half excite moviegoers.

Sasidhar Chavali seems to have been constrained by the fact that the lead actors are debutants and he found it difficult to get the best out of them. Except for Urvi Singh who managed to keep the viewers captivated with her sexy looks, bubbly performance and cute expressions, the lead duo Sharan Kumar and Yashvika Nishkala failed to maintain the interest level.

Sasidhar Chavali realized this and decided to focus on seasoned actors like Murali Sharma, Tanikella Bharani, Vennela Kishore and Sunil.

Mr. King 2023 Bollywood Movie Review

But Sunil's role is limited and Vennela Kishore proved to be an irritation because the scenes involving her are not hilariously written. Murali Sharma and Tanikella Bharani saved the film. But despite all the hard work, Sashidhar Chawali's inexperience had a huge impact on the film. Except for a few dialogues, there is nothing in the film that attracts the audience. 

  • The story turned out to be extremely routine and the script and direction failed to inspire confidence.
  • The script and direction fail to inspire confidence and even prove to be atrocious.
  • Tanvee Anjum's photography is okay. It is just average and it seems that the budgetary constraints have had their effect. Mani Sharma's music proved to be disappointing. 
  • The songs are not very attractive while the background music is just average. 
  • The editing leaves much to be desired. There are many long stretches that tested the patience of the viewers. 
  • The production values are just right.

ConclustMr. King 2023 Movie Score Analysis

Overall, Mr. King starring Sharan Kumar as Vijaya Nirmala's grandson turned out to be extremely disappointing. Sharan Kumar appeared with empty expressions and failed to express any decent emotions. 

Sasidhar Chavali, the director, failed to get the best out of the actors and even the technicians. One gets the impression that even the sketches and actors in Jabardasth are much better than those in King.

Sasidhar Chavali has completely failed with his story, script and direction. Considering all these aspects, Cinejosh gives Mr. King a score of 1.

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