Kanjoos Makhichoos 2023 Movie Review

Kanjoos Makhichoos by Soham Rockstar Entertainment and Thundersky Entertainment is the story of a miser.

About the movie Kanjoos Makhichoos (2023)

Jamna Prasad Pandey (Kunal Kemmu) is a miser who lives with his father (Piyush Mishra), mother (Alka Amin), wife Madhuri (Shweta Tripathi Sharma) and little boy, Krish (Alish Nathani). One day, he sends his parents on a pilgrimage. 

Kanjoos Makhichoos 2023 Movie Review

Many devotees die due to heavy rains at the pilgrimage site. The government announces an ex-gratia payment of 7 lakhs of rupees to the next of kin of the deceased. Jamna is entitled to 14 lakhs, as her parents are presumed dead. 

But the official Chaturvedi (Rajiv Gupta) gives Jamna only 10 lakhs and pockets the rest. Of course, he takes Jamna's signature on a receipt for 14 lakhs.

Kanjoos Makhichoos Movie Trailer

Kanjoos Makhichoos Short story

Jamna Prasad Pandey has a notorious reputation in Lucknow for being stingy. However, unbeknownst to others, he has been diligently saving money to fulfill his long-held dream of sending his parents on a pilgrimage to the chaar dhaam yatra. Unfortunately, everything changes when his parents are caught in a heavy rainstorm on their way to Kedarnath.

By Anindita Mukherjee: Middle-class family dramas have always been a popular choice for filmmakers. One can blame or thank the realistic nature of this choice. A small family, consisting of elderly parents, a housewife, one or two children and the only earning member of the family - the beta. This is exactly what happens in Zee5's Kanjoos Makhichoos.

Kunal Kemmu plays the man of the house and Shweta Tripathi plays the woman, with a forced Lucknow(i) accent. They are from a middle class family where har cheez ka hisaab rakhna padta hain. Though the film is partly relatable, does it create a rift in your heart like other films of the same genre? Find out.

Kanjoos Makhichoos 2023 Movie

Kanjoos Makhichoos is the story of a miser, as obvious as it gets, played by Kunal Kemmu (Jamuna). If you wonder about the extent of his stinginess, it is justified by the number of bhindis he brings per person! He brings exactly 10 for a family of 5 where each person can have 2. 

Although he has a bathroom, his son is taken to the Gomati river ghat so that he can save on water bills. He sews bed sheets along with saris, so that his wife can use them to dress herself and later lay them on the bed to sleep. He is so well known for his stinginess that his family and neighbors call him "kanjoos" instead of using his name, Jamuna.

It is only later that we learn that he has been stingy all his life for a divine purpose. He wanted to send his elderly parents on a chaar dhaam yatra (pilgrimage) and he saved every penny to be able to finance it. 

This is when your heart will melt. The twist comes in the second half of the film, when Kanjoos' parents disappear in the Uttarakhand floods and the government offers him a relatively large compensation package. This is when the story was supposed to accelerate, but it is not thrilling enough.

Kanjoos Makhichoos 2023

Kunal Kemmu carries the film and does a decent job. However, the lack of a great screenplay is the downfall of the film. He was always a good actor, but Lucknowi's accent seems somewhat forced. Shweta Tripathi, on the other hand, is known for her performances. 

The same goes for Kanjoos Makhichoos. 10 points to her for perfecting her role as a housewife who takes care of her family and has slight materialistic needs. However, her accent in the film sounds extremely forced. In fact, I had to double check to see if it was dubbed or if it was a problem with my laptop speaker. Unfortunately, it wasn't.

The Kanjoos Makhichoos 2023 film begins with an obituary of the late actor Raju Srivastava. It marks the end of his film career, as this is his last project. Watching Gajodhar Bhaiya give his best one last time will make your heart ache.

He plays the role of a government officer and has perfectly cast himself in his character. With his typical accent and style, Raju's cameo is one of the best things about the film.

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